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Tacoma CARES
A cleaner neighborhood is a safer neighborhood. That's the spirit behind Tacoma CARES (Cleanup and Revitalization EffortS), which celebrated its 10th year in 2005. For more information about Tacoma CARES, check the program's Web page.

Successful properties
A house at 4511 S. 12th St.
4511 S. 12th St.

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The Filthy 15

The following properties are not in full compliance with the Tacoma Municipal Code. They are
currently in various stages of the enforcement process. The information is provided by the
Tacoma CARES program in the Public Works Department. Click on a thumbnail image below for more information about each specific property, including the address, designation, the reason
the property is on the list and what is next in the cleanup process:
 A house at 3615 S. 15th St.

 3615 S. 15th St.
(Updated April 18)

 A dangerous building at 5647 S. Birmingham St.

5647 S. Birmingham St.
(Updated April 21)

 The old Eagles building at 1305 S. Fawcett St. downtown

1305 S. Fawcett St.

 A dangerous building at 1108 N. E St.

1108 N. E St.
(Updated April 18)

A dangerous building at 2354 S. Fawcett St.

2354 S. Fawcett St.
(Updated April 21)

A derelict building at 506 N. L St.

506 N. L St.
(Updated April 18)

A derelict building at 1102 N. Proctor St.

1102 N. Proctor St.
(Updated April 18)

A derelict building now being repaired at 1002 Earnest Brazil St.

1002 Earnest Brazil St.
(Updated Jan. 31)

A derelict building at 916 S. 13th St.

916 S. 13th St.
(Added April 18)

A derelict building at 518 S. L St.

518 S. L St.
(Updated April 18)

The old Elks Building at 565 Broadway

565 Broadway
(Updated April 21)

3220 N. 27th St.
(Updated April 18)

A derelict building at 811 S. L St.

811 S. L St.

 A derelict building at 6645 S. Prospect St.

6645 S. Prospect St.
(Updated April 18)

A derelict building at 612 Tacoma Avenue

612 S. Tacoma Ave.
(Updated April 21)