October 8, 2003

Tacoma Power Project Certified Green

Tacoma Power’s Nisqually River Hydropower Project received certification on September 17, 2003 as a low impact hydroelectric project, giving the utility its first certified green power resource. The Nisqually River Project is one of only eight facilities in the nation to earn this certification.

The Low Impact Hydropower Institute (LIHI) in Portland, Maine put its official stamp of approval on the project after an independent scientific review determined that the plant operation protects or mitigates impacts on river flows, water quality, fish passage, watersheds, threatened and endangered species and cultural resources.

“We’re pleased at this certification,” said Steve Klein, Tacoma Power superintendent. “We undertook a number of environmental enhancements during the relicensing process and continue to work closely with other resource stakeholders in the basin. It’s rewarding to receive such an acknowledgement by an independent agency.”

Green power is generated in an environmentally responsible manner. Just as an organic label can help consumers choose the foods and farming practices they want to support, the LIHI certification program can help energy consumers choose the energy and hydropower practices they want to support. Tacoma Power presently offers its customers green power through its program, Evergreen Options.

Contact: June Summerville, 253-502-8222

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